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Surprised? You're not gonna be!

Surprised? You're not gonna be!

In order to understand the concept of tournament play, you should also consider the value of playing big and wagering on an underdog team in the initial round.

The odds are not usually impressive for the favourites, so why not select an underdog in one of the matches? Take a gamble and go for it.

When selecting an underdog you should follow a few basic guidelines. For starters, choose a lower tier team with the expectation that you are wagering on a team that is strong and may possibly win. Is your underdog team competitive? Are they strong enough to strike and take advantage of certain variables? For example a sensational media story that affects the other team’s star, an injured opposing player, or spectator support for the underdog, can all influence the results.

If you are selecting the favourites on each match, then you are not maximizing your potential on the betting odds. The positive in this approach is that you have divided your betting slip so that the majority of the teams you choose will likely advance, while one or two of your underdogs may or may not – but this is gambling.

Take advantage of the tournament style and press your skill of selecting the best underdog to defeat a leading team. Be the first to pick the underdog that will defeat the stronger team in the 2010 World Cup.

Think you know which underdog will cause the first upset? Go ahead and make your selection at