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World Cup Betting Tips - It's the team not the player

World Cup Betting Tips - It's the team not the player

One of the greatest tips to hold on to during the World Cup is to remember that this is a tournament. What may be normal during the rest of the year does not apply to the many matches played during the World Cup.

One piece of betting strategy which will assist you in selecting teams is as follows - think of the competing teams as marathon runners. In a tournament such as the World Cup, it is important to prepare your picks in an order that will not only give you the best teams, but the most durable and dynamic players.

Take a team like Portugal for example. Stacked with arguably one of the greatest players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, the team is a certain favourite for final round play. However, what would happen if Ronaldo was to be injured, even lightly? The repercussions of his absence, or injury, would immediately affect his team as well as the other teams in the tournament. How to prevent this from hurting your chances of winning? Easy. Choose teams that are not reliant on a single player.

Your selection process should be twofold. When you pick your teams the your decision should be based on a team’s star player and their ability to play without him. Ask yourself the question: how will my team fair without their ace? Or, you can take it one step further and go for a team without a star.

In tournament play, the team that plays as a team has a greater chance of going the distance. Rather than working with a single dominant player, they are functioning as a unit and may have more flexibility if a player goes down. Yes, all teams that make it deep into the tournament will have stars, but we are dealing with multiple variables here and one of the lead concerns in a tournament is the “what if” question on injuries.

The World Cup is a battle field. The intensity of play is unmatched. Make sure your pick is prepared to handle the stress of the highest level of football in the world.

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